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DIY Pallet Side Table Plans

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When you going to sleep on bed you need a side table on besides of your bed to place your belonging on it like wallet mobile phone and what ever. You need bed side table for this purpose if you have this in your bed room that is very good otherwise you can made this with recycle wooden pallet.

You can place some supporting material on side table like cup of coffee and wrist watch lamp or may be alarm clock all these things are need near to sleeping place you can not hold these on bed that is why you need a DIY pallet side table for your bed and bed room. The Bed is looking incomplete without bed side table. We have some diy pallet side table plans for you below here.

diy pallet bed side table


You can see in the picture a simple diy pallet box use as a bed side table you can make this much more attractive and elegant by using some diy techniques on it. You can paint this and make it more beautiful.

diy pallet side table

There are two boxes made by rustic wooden pallet and after some furnishing process they will be use for bed side table. This is so simple if you want to try this at your home you can made it very easily.

pallet bed side table

pallet side tablesource

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